Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I do trust

"I do trust" -- by Stephen F. Sunday

I do trust the locations of the keys on the keyboard
I always know where my fingers will fall

I do trust
that the frets on that silver guitar will remain static
until I start pulling ghosts and spirits from
nickel and alloy
my allies
the secrets i keep to myself

I do trust
that you will ask me
and I trust more
that I will answer

but I will never slide into your heart with a silver blade
Cold iron, cold silver
I cannot promise that I will not
these cables and wires and strings around
your beautiful heart

will never be my intent
i am a moron juggernaut
changing worlds in every tiny step
every motion

the slightest flick of your wrist
will draw an apple from my tree
the slightest flash of your eyes
will draw the venom from my soul

and we will drink that vintage together
on the edge of the world
that no one ever knew was right here
in the fucking heart of it all

when i wake up tomorrow,
i want to know that days without sin are
that the choices we make
are not necessarily permanent
but always worthwhile

here i reside
wrapped in gravity
in Newton We Trust
and i want to see the moonlight
as it rises from your bones

ghosts of tomorrow
gather round
hold tight
take me into your world
and never let me go

because right now is the only thing that matters
in science i trust
and faith
and i won't sleep until i taste you

--Stephen Sunday